Sunday, November 06, 2005

Salma is 4 months old!

Salma turned four months old and little by little, she is transforming from infant to baby girl. In particular, she does "talk" quite a bit. Nothing word like yet, just those heart-melting cooing sounds. She has also firmly figured out her left thumb as you'll see...

Here Salma and Jaleh-joon enjoy a sunny autumn afternoon on the deck.

When she's not sunning on the deck, Salma likes to relax in her crib :)

See what I mean about the thumb?

It's been great to have Ali M around.

And once in a while 'pesar khaleh' Bahman comes to visit from L.A.

We had a few more visitors in October... Lisa and Dave....
and Nora and Angie.

We were also excited to have a surprise visit from Eliza (Lisa) Livingston who is a long time family friend and most recently was instrumental in getting Zahra (and me) through labor and afterwards. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share. In in my shameless desire to plug my friend's good work...Let me mention that Lisa runs a cute bed and breakfast on Vancouver Island if you're ever thinking of going that way. It's called Villa Marco Polo Inn. She has also written an book called Living with Colon Cancer: Beating the Odds
inspired by her own experience as both nurse and cancer survivor.

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