Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mani is born

Introducing Mani Raphael.

Wow! This one was totally different. Substantially easier...for me any way:). Zahra came home after only 2 days! Jaleh is here and is a really big help. Mani nurses really well. From the very first moment he seemed to know what he was doing. Of course Zahra is an expert too at this point. And Salma seems to be happy with her new brother.

I've put a few pictures in web album. Let me know if you like this approach.

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Anonymous said...

Mazel tov on the masterpieces you two have created. Lot of hugs and kisses from all of us- Kiana, Mojdeh and me for Mani, Salma, Zahra, Moishe and of course the lady who made all these possible thirty some years ago- Jaleh, the proud grandmother.

After Jaleh sent me the link to your blog to see pics from Salma, my computer crashed [threw it away.] and thought I lost my address book and much of my email during data recovery. (Yes, I know. Shame on me. I didn’t have a backup.} .

Well I guess today is my lucky day: during a desktop search somehow [don’t know how] Jaleh’s email came up with your link.

Couldn’t believe my eyes to suddenly see Zahra with two gorgeous angels in her arms.

I don’t know if you planned the spacing or it happened by chance; whichever way I think it’s perfect.

(Please send your phone # so we can hear your voices and those of the real masters of the house of Mahloudji- Goldbach, who for the next 20 years will have you in involuntary servitude- fortunately every minute of it is a joy. And very much would love to talk with Jaleh.

L'Chaim and Shalom Aleichem,