Saturday, July 16, 2005

Salma is 3 weeks old

Well so far so good. Salma got her first diaper rash (I don't have any pictures, don't worry). Thankfully auntie Debbie and Jaleh-joon both had excellent advice and it cleared up quickly.

She's been sleeping quite well and her temper is good... as long as you're paying attention to her. She seems to like the vibrating chair for a while and also enjoys "playing" on her tummy on the "surf board".

This last week I was working mostly from home. This meant doing some meetings with Salma.

It really seems like she is starting to see the world around her now. And she does more seemingly deliberate things with her hands... like grabbing your clothes. And a cool thing is that when you rock her, she seems to participate by moving her head to counter balance the rock... in a way that seems to anticipate the motion. Very cool.

Zahra's figured out that when the doctors and nurses say that it doesn't matter what she eats while breast feeding, they're full of shit. It matters. So far we know that broccoli and probably cauliflower are really no good for Salma. Hopefully we'll be safe with zucchini and green beans.

Last weekend we had friends come visit, here's a picture of their little one Alexia.

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