Sunday, July 24, 2005

Salma now 4 weeks old

Well, Salma is 4 weeks old now. Here are a couple "views from a shoulder"...

People say she looks more like me these days, but I'm not sure I see it.

We introduced a few new items into our repetoire. First, we got the Infantino sling going. I don't have a pic, but it works great most of the time. We also introduced the Bjorn, which my friend Daniel refers to as a "burping machine".

Here the Bjorn is modeled by Javaneh. Salma also features in Javaneh's blog.

We've also discovered the bouncing ball is just the ticket for calming Salma down if you don't feel like dancing all over the house.

Jaleh-joon has also discovered the magic of the bouncing ball.

But sometimes Jaleh-joon and Kholeh Ameneh prefer the bounce-on-the-bed technique.

Another exciting development is that we were able to introduce a bottle, so now I can feed her. It seems we were very lucky that she was willing to take the first bottle/nipple we tried (Advent).

She's not so excited about the pacifier at this point. Though she has taken it a couple times.

Zahra has also been practicing the sideways-football-hold-with-jiggling-head technique which has been working well for me.

And when all else fails, it's great to have more family come over and take over while you eat dinner. Wendy and Bendad seem to have remembered all the tricks.

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