Sunday, August 07, 2005

Buby and Zaida come to visit

Salma's hair is of great interest these days. She's currently sporting a look that you might call "parakeet punk". Buby thinks that she just needs a good brush but Khale knows better.

Now seven weeks, Salma has gone fashonable, sporting Tommy Hilfiger as she explores the Gymini. She seems to like the meimun in particular. We're not reading anything into that just yet.

Actually today Salma may have laughed for the first time. It was a short burst, but both Zahra and I heard it. It happened while she was on Zahra's lap, just as she looked over at a pile of new clothes she had just received as gifts from my parents' friends. Again, we're ready to read anything into that just yet.

So Buby and Zaida came to visit. This was Zaida's first time meeting Salma. It didn't take them long for Salma to get them on to the bouncing ball.

On the other hand, Dayi Ali prefers "old school".

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