Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nine weeks

Not because she's mine... but isn't she cute? It's been a few weeks since my last post. She smiles a lot now, particular when she's getting her diaper changed and definitely not when she's in the car seat.
She hates the car seat.

Salma likes her tushy bare;
She likes to have no diaper there.
She also seems to like to pee
So we change her diaper constantly.
All she needs to do is call :)
But she'd rather there be no need at all.
Cuz Salma likes her tushy bare
And really wants no diaper there.

It seems we have a little routine on weekday mornings. Zahra will feed her and then I'll take Salma for a walk in the Bjorn. It's been a little chilly in the mornings so we've been dressing Salma up with the cardigan and a hat. She is very curious on our walks, leaning back and taking everything in... for a few blocks that is...At which point the coziness of the Bjorn wears her out and she drops into a deep sleep.

She's started to be able to entertain herself for longer periods of time, which is great. She'll sit for a while in the bouncy chair and you don't even have to bounce it any more. And her motor control has been improving. She can now reach out and grab the toys on the bouncy chair.

There have also been a few other changes. Salma has a new crib with a very fascinating mobile. She finds the zebra particularly interesting.

We've also started to use cloth diapers. It's an experiment of sorts. We know the case for environmental benefit is not clear cut, but it somehow feels better to be "reusing" rather than giving in to the convenience of disposability. Of course, it also gives us an opportunity to buy Froggy diaper covers.

Apparently, Buby Marlene is over the frog thing, but I bet she'll still think this is cute.

When she's not relaxing under the mobile or playing in her jimni, Salma likes to work out on her tummy surf board to get some safe tummy time in.

Check out that concentration.

Before Nersi left for Iran, he had a party at his place and Salma enjoyed herself very much. She found herself a very comfy spot in the living room. No matter what kind of activity or loud music is going on. She has sleep to do.

Today, Kerem and Natalya came to visit. Kerem braved the challenge of calming Salma during evening witching hours. He was most definitely up for the task with Salma melting in his arms.

On a previous evening, Simona chose to use "assisted method" and so is now the latest addition to the bouncy ball hall of fame.

Finally, here are a few more family pictures for you to enjoy.


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